✌️ Peace Sign Emoji: Promote A Culture Of 🕊 Peace And Non-violence With The ☮️ Peace Symbols

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Modified: Mar 22, 2022

We all want the world to be a peaceful place. It’s no surprise humanity has devised a plethora of symbols to reflect this need. The concept of symbolism has been present in every human civilization, social structure, and religious system since the dawn of time. Out of all those, the most popular symbol is the classic peace sign. In the digital world, it’s even got its own version, the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji.

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Universal Sign Of Peace

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No matter where in the world you may be, when you hold up your second and third fingers to declare, “Peace!” you don’t need to explain anything else. The people you are with know EXACTLY what you mean.


Peace Sign Emoji

Peace Sign emoji, Apple version of the Peace Sign emoji, victory hand emoji

If you live on social media, you know what a difference a simple ✌️ Peace Sign emoji can make. Nowadays, it seems like someone is always stirring up drama on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, or all of the above. When these so-called “online warriors,” cross your path, the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji serves as a simple yet powerful way to end any argument, quarrel, or fight. However, it should be used in the right way, and within the proper context. Not to worry, we’ll help you with that!


Get To Know The Peace Sign Emoji

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The peace sign, also called the ✌️ Victory Hand, shows two fingers held up on one hand, making the “v” action. Wondering how it became so popular? You’ve got the hippies to thank for that! It was, and still is, an iconic symbol in hippie culture, a counterculture movement that eschews mainstream American values.


Skin Tone Variants Of The Peace Sign Emoji

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Going back to its digital version, did you know that the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji comes in a variety of skin tones? You can pick from six different variants to match yourself, or the individual you’re sending the emoji to. These include the default ✌️ Yellow Skin Tone Victory Hand emoji, ✌🏻 Light Skin Tone Victory Hand emoji, ✌🏼 Medium-Light Skin Tone Victory Hand emoji, ✌🏽 Medium Skin Tone Victory Hand emoji, ✌🏾 Medium-Dark Skin Tone Victory Hand emoji, and the ✌🏿 Dark Skin Tone Victory Hand emoji.


Meaning Of The Peace Sign Emoji

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The ✌️ Peace Sign emoji signifies joy, solidarity and love in its most basic form. It’s most commonly used when someone wants to express that they’re cool with something or that they’re completely behind a person or cause. It can also be utilized to show you’re having a good time talking to someone.

Peace Sign emoji, Peace Sign

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Above all, the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji is used when people want to kiss and make up. When two enemies make peace, the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji is the bond or knot that binds them to a peaceful reconciliation.


Peace Sign Emoji History

The ✌️ Peace Sign emoji was one of the first emojis introduced in Unicode 1.1 in July, 1995. It was then added to Emoji 1.0 in August 2015 after several years of development. Version 1.1, offered descriptions and properties for a large number of new characters not included in the core Unicode 1.0 specification.


Peace Sign Emoji On Different Platforms

As expected, the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji doesn’t look the same in every device. Although all emojis have their codes, different platforms display them in their own unique way. Why is this so? Because device and software vendors use their own graphics to represent each emoji.

In addition, the look and color of emojis vary with each platform it appears from. Each emoji has an assigned Unicode code which “summons” the emoji that is encoded within the platform.

This means, when you send an emoji, you’re actually sending a Unicode character, which is then converted into an image by the software or app you’re using, like on Facebook Messenger, for instance.

victory hand emoji on different platforms

When it comes to their individual design, on Google, the Peace Sign emoji is a mixture of yellow and orange, while JoyPixel’s version comes with a light brown border.

Meanwhile, the hand displayed on Facebook, and on all of Samsung’s gadgets are two of the most realistic looking ✌️ Peace Sign emojis out there due to the various lines drawn on the symbol’s hands.

Finally, the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji supported by Windows devices appears with a heavy black outline surrounding it.

Snapchat Meaning

If you see a ✌️ Peace Sign emoji on Snapchat, don’t freak out. In fact, you should probably give yourself a pat on the back! When a user sends a snap with two filters applied at the same time, the Victory Hand emoji serves as a Snapchat Trophy and subsequently added to the user’s trophy case. How cool is that?


How To Find The Peace Sign Emoji

If you want to use the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji on your emails, social media accounts, and chat apps, all you have to do is go to the People & Body category on Emojiguide, look for it there, then click on the appropriate symbol.

You will be taken to the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji page. Once there, just click on the blue copy button, and paste it in the context you want to use it in. It’s that easy!


How And When To Use The Peace Sign Emoji

When emojis are utilized to their full potential, they can take your messaging to the next level and allow you to stand out in a crowded inbox or social media space. They can also be utilized to substitute generic and overused terms in your content, thereby giving it a fresh and engaging feel.

– Please accept my offer of peace✌️I don’t want to let our different political beliefs get in the way of our friendship!
– Have fun at the party on Friday! ✌🏻 Try not to think of work while you are having fun!
– You’ve got nothing to lose when you give ✌️ a chance!

– Everyone is talking about ​🗺️✌️, when ✌️ in the world begins with ourselves. [What it means: world peace]
– Any time the police see any form of violence, the ✌️📣 will be 🛑 [What it means: peaceful protest will be stopped]
– ✌️🧠 cannot be bought. 😴 at 🌃 knowing you did not hurt anyone is an absolutely priceless feeling. [What it means: peace of mind]


Other Online Symbols Of Peace And Harmony

Tired of using the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji? That’s okay, there are other icons to choose from. The peace sign is not the only symbol you can use – for hundreds of years, diverse civilizations and groups have created other characters to help communicate peace, harmony, and reconciliation to mankind.


Dove Emoji

dove emoji

The 🕊️ Dove emoji shows a dove, a stocky white bird with small legs and a short head. In this symbol, the dove is carrying an olive branch. In Western and Judeo-Christian culture, a dove bearing an olive branch is a sign of peace. Peace, love, hope, and reconciliation are all common sentiments represented by this symbol.


The 🕊️ Dove emoji was introduced as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014, and was later added to Version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard.

Here’s a nice bit of trivia we just discovered – do you know that most of the new emojis in version 7.0, (the 🕊️ Dove emoji included), were inspired by characters in long-standing and widespread use in Wingdings and Webdings fonts?


Peace Symbol Emoji

Peace Symbol emoji

The ☮️ Peace Symbol emoji shows a circle divided by a vertical line with three prongs pointed downwards. It’s commonly used as a representation of peace, and it’s got quite a powerful history behind it!


Vector icon with colorful hand and peace symbol. Hand and two fingers are like peace symbol.

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The symbol first appeared in the anti-nuclear movement that arose in Britain in the late 1950s. It was later adopted by anti-war protests in America, in response to the country’s participation in the Vietnam War. Nowadays, netizens add it to their online conversations if they are speaking about finding peace or making peace.

Some use it with the ✌️ Peace Sign emoji to show their effort to find peace, or sometimes pair it with the 👋 Waving Hand emoji to say goodbye to a friend or someone they don’t really like in a calm, non-aggressive manner.

In 1993, the ☮️ Peace Symbol emoji was recognized was part of Unicode 1.1, and in 2015, it was added to Emoji 1.0, the first release of documentation in the Unicode.


White Flag Emoji

White Flag emoji

A white flag is commonly used in the army to indicate that the losing side is willing to surrender and has dispatched a negotiator to find a happy medium for all parties.
 The 🏳 White Flag emoji was introduced to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 and was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 under the name “Waving White Flag.”



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To sum up, protecting one’s peace online is not a difficult thing to do. Remember, it’s just as easy to be nice as it is to be cruel. Just because you cannot see someone face to face, and perhaps do not know who they are, does not mean they are not human. Or that they cannot be hurt by you.

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With the press of a button, sending cruel comments and unpleasant photographs is as simple as sending a text message. However, the repercussions can emotionally scar someone for life. Sharing a simple but powerful symbol or emoji about peace will help a lot in making cyberspace a better place. Doing so makes you a bigger and better person, too!